“Where Nature meets Nootropics”

Raise Your Frequency

Frequency is a forward-thinking wellness brand and movement established to optimize mental health. Our founder and chief mushroom cultivator started this game-changing venture for his own healing from depression and anxiety in 2017.

Our team of experts and experienced medicine people at Frequency have worked with mushrooms and other natural psychedelics for years and understand the profound healing effects and benefits of these powerful spiritual modalities. We are passionate about their potential to positively impact mood, reduce anxiety, depression, and improve cognitive function to create an overall better life. We provide accurate information to answer
any questions you may have about this exciting new trend that incorporates this ancient medicine.

At Frequency, we emphasize responsible cultivation and handling of mushroom medicine. With years of experience in the field, our team has the
knowledge and expertise to ensure that every step of the process is done with the utmost care and precision. Our lead cultivator and founder started cultivating in 2016 and has extensive knowledge of the unique requirements of mushroom species, developing innovative cultivation techniques that allow us to produce high-quality, consistent yields. He oversees every aspect of our mushroom cultivation process, from selecting the ideal genetics, substrates and techniques to ensure optimal growth conditions as well as monitoring the harvest.

Every team member is a seasoned medicine advocate and believes in Frequency and its purpose. Team members are carefully selected so that
their frequency is as positive as the medicine itself.

At Frequency, we cultivate in-house natural, holistic supplements and natural nootropics to help upgrade your health, life & future. We have perfected our formulas to increase your cognitive function, ease anxiety & enhance overall well-being. Magic are not only non-addictive, they are anti-addictive, meaning they help take away all addictive behaviors. Our products don’t chemically alter your stress, worry or anxiety– they help take it away. Imagine a life without stress!

Mushrooms are bio-decomposers, meaning their job is to take toxins out of their environment. A positive growing environment is crucial for optimum healing mushrooms. At Frequency, we cultivate our mushrooms in a high vibration & natural environment while playing divine healing frequencies (432 Hz, 777 Hz, chanting, etc.) throughout the various stages of the life to infuse intention into each . Every team member is a plant medicine advocate and works in harmony while farming these magic fungi.

Growing from spore to sale (while using proven and unique genetics) allows us to monitor the quality throughout the entire process.

Together, our team is committed to advancing the field of mushroom psychedelic medicine and providing customers with safe and effective
products/treatments for a range of conditions. We are dedicated to using ethical and sustainable practices and strive to be leaders in the field of
psychedelic mushrooms.

Our proprietary products deliver optimum results with proven health benefits for the mind, body & brain. All products are intentionally grown spore to sale in our high frequency environment. Our hand-picked & dipped Candy Caps, Infini-Tea & Microdose blends are the purest quality on the market.

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