Candy Caps & Calm Microdose Bundle


“Loving the products I’ve purchased! I can definitely feel a difference on the calm supplement. I’m building out a new website and these products have helped me to focus and be more creative. Thank you!”

Our CANDY CAPS are the actual 🍄 caps, which are intentionally grown, carefully picked at their peak and harvested in a 432 Hz environment to maximize their natural benefits and help upgrade your mind, body & brain. They are the premium caps of each harvest. Each Candy Caps tin contains 4 grams of magic and each cap has an average of .3 g of magic, cultivated to upgrade your social experiences. You can see the quality in each cap while preserving the integrity of the natural 🍄. *Candy Caps are great for use in social settings, movies, parties, festivals, hiking, before body work, etc.*

Our CALM microdose is made to optimize your mental health & well-being. We have added premium organic ingredients including Rhodiola, Lion’s Mane, Bacopa Monnieri, Cordyceps and Cacao to create a sustained calming effect in the mind & body. This works by slowing down the analytical / critical mind where all our worry and anxiety live. And when that is slowed down we return to a feeling of bliss giving us creativity, focus, clarity in the mind and body- unlike antidepressants which simply cloud and dull your senses. It’s not what you feel, it’s what you don’t feel. We recommend that you take 1 a day, in the morning, for two days on and two days off to maximize the long-term benefits. Each bottle contains 2 month’s worth (on a 2 day on 2 day off protocol) or 33 capsules and each capsule contains .12 g of magic.


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Optimize your mental health & well-being, creativity and anxiety relief in the mind, body and brain while being your best you in social settings, movies, parties, festivals, hiking, before body work, etc.!

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Organic Lion’s Mane extract, Rhodiola extract, Bacopa Monnieri extract, Cordyceps extract, Cacao powder, Mushroom Caps and Cane Sugar

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