Lion’s Mane Tincture

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Lion’s Mane is an all-natural and organic healing elixir that aids in the regeneration of brain cells which enhances cognitive function, mental clarity & gut health resulting in overall mind & body harmony.

  • Enhance Memory
  • Regenerate Neuropathways
  • Improve Gut Health
  • Increases Heart Health
  • Balance Mood
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Lion’s Mane is a powerful non-psychedelic nootropic supplement that purports to improves cognitive function, boost energy, and reduce the symptoms of stress. Lion’s Mane also has produced very promising outcomes in some patients heart health and strokes seemingly by preventing the oxidation of cholesterol reducing the rate of blood clotting. It also is said to encourage  the regeneration of damaged nerve cells in the spinal cord and brain by encouraging Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). Annecdotal reports indicate Lion’s Mane helps to lessen insomnia, anxiety, depression, and the progression of dementia as well.

*Use Lion’s Mane as a daily supplement to help with clarity, focus and to optimize your mental health & brain power.

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