Medicinal Mushrooms Lovingly Cultivated for Microdosing, Mindfulness and Therapy
Hand-Selected, Organic & Intentional

Experience Full-Spectrum, Active Fungi Grown in an Acoustic Garden Fertilized by the Vibrations of Mother Earth’s Most Sacred Frequencies


Mushrooms, Mycelium & Magic

Frequency Products
"I started cultivating in 2018 to assist with my alcoholism, depression & anxiety. After years of experience and research, I released Frequency’s products to help others who were battling the same issues, elevate consciousness and enhance social experiences"

Customer Reviews

Omaha: Alcohol Abuse

The fudge is super tasty, and the perfect amount for a light, happy & fun time. I found myself not wanting to smoke or drink. We danced all night and I had long, deep, meaningful conversations.

Veteran: PTSD, Anxiety & Alcoholism

I had heard about these kinds of experiences, but I never expected it to have such a profound impact on me. I mean, seriously, I am a completely different person now!

Anonymous: Social Anxiety

I have suffered with social anxiety for most of my life and have often used alcohol to help calm my nerves. Ever since using discovering Frequency and integrating these functional mushroom products into my daily life, I've felt so much more comfortable in my own skin.

Kelly: Love, Joy & Peace

Drinking my tea for the first time and it is so wonderful. It is delicious (and I’m a complete tea snob). It’s the perfect way to serve the magic-because you can drink as much or little as you want.

Idaho: Crippling Anxiety

[My husband] loves the capsules by the way. He has crippling generalized anxiety and says it has made a huge difference in daily functioning life. I’m so happy about it, we’ve tried everything and nothing has seemed to help until now.

Miami: Depression & Rage

I honestly feel like a different person. Something to do with being able to look forward and not backward as default mode. And circumstances that would almost assuredly have sent me into a state of desperation or rage I am now able to view in a little bit of a detached way.

Colorado: Grateful

Wanted to tune in and let you know I’m loving your beautiful product. Both my wife and I are so grateful for … connecting us to you. Furthering our healing journeys and supporting us in the dance of the human experience.

Los Angeles: Severe Anxiety

I wake up to severe panic attacks gasping for air. Recently during one of my episodes, I grabbed a capsule of Calm by Frequency instead of my inhaler. Within minutes, my breathing was even and I felt like the anxiety had just washed away.

Jacksonville: Creativity

Loving the products! I can definitely feel a difference on the calm supplement. I’m building out a new website and it’s definitely helped me to focus and be more creative. Thank you!!!

Prescott: OCD & Anxiety

The combination of Covid fatigue and having been cooped up for so long I felt like I had no motivation and had difficulty focusing. SInce I started Micro-dosing, I have really seen a big difference in my overall sense of joy.

Newark: Present & Alert

I only need one cup of coffee in the morning now and I don’t finish it. I love the way I feel and I’m much more present in everything I do. Beginning this journey has changed my life and I think it’s the best decision I have ever made for myself.

Anonymous: A Different Person

I have to say that the results from these products have been quite remarkable. Very hard to explain but I honestly feel like a different person; Something to do with being able to look forward and not backward to my old ways…

We cultivate knowledge from the deepest reaches of the mycelium network to create a truly magical experience.