Calm Micro-dose

Calm Micro-dose Capsules are made to optimize mental health & well-being. The Calm Formula slows down the analytical mind and reduces anxiety allowing you to experience feelings of bliss, creativity, and focus; unlike antidepressants which cloud and dull your senses.

  • One month supply contains 17 capsules
  • Two months supply contains 33 capsules
  • Each capsule has 180 mg of active ingredient
  • Contains Lion’s Mane Fruiting Body Extract
  • Contains Rhodiola, Bacopa Monnieri & Cordyceps

Available in both one-month ($59) and two-month ($99) supply. A two-month supply is recommended for best results and is more cost-effective.


View our Micro-dosing Protocol(s) HERE.

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Our Calm Micro-dose contains 180mg of “active” mushrooms and Lion’s Mane. Calm Micro-dose calms you by removing your worry and anxiety-not numbing them or severing them like antidepressants, working on a subtractive process rather than an additive one. It basically puts “you” back in “you” without the stress!

This works by slowing down the analytical / critical mind where all our worry and anxiety live. And when that is slowed down we return to a feeling of bliss and joy giving us creativity, focus, clarity in the mind. Then the body becomes relaxed because it’s not living the state of “Fight or Flight” which over time can create serious health issues.

Each bottle contains:

  • One month supply (17 capsules) for our recommended¬†2-day on / 2-day off protocol
  • Two-month supply (33 capsules) for our recommended¬†2-day on / 2-day off protocol

We recommend you take one capsule in the morning on your dosing days to maximize long-term benefits. You can check out our protocols here on the website for more detailed information.



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One Month Supply, Two Month Supply

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4 reviews for Calm Micro-dose

  1. Brian R.

    I love the Calm microdose capsules. I have pretty crippling, generalized anxiety and it has made a huge difference in my daily functioning and life. I’m so happy about it because I’ve everything and nothing has seemed to work until now.

  2. T.S. Miami, FL

    My wife has noticed a massive difference in me, which is probably the best possible endorsement for the Calm Micro-dose.

  3. Tara Middleton

    Calm has completely changed my life. My social anxiety has disappeared and my focus & creativity at work has skyrocketed.

  4. Maggie (verified owner)

    Honestly, these capsules have truly helped to facilitate a sense of ease during a huge transitional period of my life. I find them to be very supportive in helping me to move through situations with less chatter of the mind, and more presence. Thank you so much!

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