Energy Micro-dose

Our Energy Micro-dose Capsules are made with functional mushrooms to optimize your mental health & well-being, creativity, focus, clarity and anxiety relief in the mind, body & brain. This blend uses the “Stamets Stack” formula designed by Paul Stamets.

  • One month supply contains 17 capsules
  • Two months supply contains 33 capsules
  • Each capsule has 180 mg of active mushrooms
  • Contains Lion’s Mane Mycelium
  • Contains Niacin for “The Flush Effect”

Available in both one-month ($59) and two-month ($99) supply. A two-month supply is recommended for best results and is more cost-effective.


View our Micro-dosing Protocol(s) HERE.

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Our Energy Micro-dose capsules are based on mycologist Paul Stamets “Stamets Stack” recipe. Along with 180mg of “active” mushrooms, they contain Niacin B3  for the “Niacin Flush” effect, which opens the capillaries accelerating the ingredients quickly throughout the body and brain. The “flush” can create a few minutes of a light sunburn feeling-creating energy, motivation, focus and clarity before any physical activity.

Each bottle contains:

  • One month supply (17 capsules) for our recommended 2-day on / 2-day off protocol
  • Two-month supply (33 capsules) for our recommended 2-day on / 2-day off protocol

Please note that you may feel a flush effect from the Niacin – if you experienced this before, please don’t be alarmed, it’s normal and your body will adjust.



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One Month Supply, Two Month Supply

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3 reviews for Energy Micro-dose

  1. L.M. Austin, TX

    I was really at the end of my rope. I had Covid fatigue, no motivation and had difficulty focusing. I started Micro-dosing with “Energy” and have really seen a big difference in my overall sense of motivation, focus and bliss.

  2. Tara M. Los Angeles, CA

    The Energy mushroom microdose has been the best medicine for my mental health. I can focus, be creative and relaxed all at once! I never thought this was possible… until I discovered Frequency. Thank you for your incredible products!

  3. Malibu Andy

    Wonderful blend and a great way to increase your neural plasticity using all natural ingredients. Highly recommend!

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